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Blue and White Teapot Charm Bracelet

Blue and White Teapot Charm Bracelet

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Blue and white Chinese Porcelain Tiny Teapot bracelets have been a customer favorite for many years. In our updated bracelet we start with an assortment of three Chinese porcelain Tiny Teapots and intersperse them with four different blue and white Chinese porcelain beads embellished with sterling silver. These 7 charms create a fuller look than our older 5 piece bracelet but help keep the price very affordable. The style shown is a 7” medium weight sterling silver Italian double link charm bracelet.

We are taking a wee bit of time off, but our online shop is still open. Place your orders and they will ship on June 21
Thanks for your patience. Have a cup of tea and relax, your Tiny Teapots will arrive the week of June 25