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For almost 20 years we have exhibited at many regional antique shows and whenever the time permitted I would leave our booth and scour the shows for vintage beads. At first it wasn’t too difficult to find really stunning beads but in the past few years the older glass beads, particularly the Vintage Venetian Fiorato “Wedding Cake Icing” beads have become really scarce and expensive. Often I’d search hundreds of booths and never find a Vintage Venetian Bead Necklace. Occasionally I’d snap up a strand or two of “the good stuff” and return to our booth and triumphantly show my husband the latest newfound treasures. Last year, I met a dealer who had thousands of pieces of the most beautiful Victorian jewelry I have ever seen in person (with the notable exception of our visit to the jewelry vault in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London). She had several beautiful Venetian Bead necklaces and I bought about 6 or 7 of them and felt like I had hit the mother lode. This year when she returned to the same show she had none left in stock. Trust me, Vintage Venetian beads are HIGHLY collectible and have become quite scarce and quite expensive when you can find the good ones. The GOOD NEWS is I’ve kept every necklace that I purchased for years and years. Recently, as our Vintage Tiny Teapot styles sold out I have decided to take apart these treasured necklaces to make more Vintage Tiny Teapots. Most of the Tiny Teapots we offer on this section are made with Venetian beads, from the glass factories on the island of Murano in Venice, Italy. Venetians have for generations been a source for some of the most treasured glass on earth. If I am uncertain of the origin of the vintage beads, I will state that in the individual descriptions. Be sure to visit our Gold Plated section for more Venetian Bead Tiny Teapots. If you have Vintage Venetian Beads that you would like to have converted into a collection of Tiny Teapots for the ladies in your family, call us!